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Art and science combine to virtually restore lost rivers through digital maps, sculpture and intersecting tales of ecosystem destruction and restoration.

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4-Culture grant received to complete web map of "lost rivers" of King County

Exciting news folks - look for big changes to the ML/MG website and interactive map (my favorite website feature), including mobile optimization in the coming months. I am happy to be partnering with Amir Sheik and Dr. Brian Collins of the UW Puget Sound River History Project, and Schildbach Design to complete historical river maps (i.e. the "lost" rivers) of King County. Nice write-up on the 4-Culture website as well. When the updated ML/MG website launches you will be able to use your phone or tablet to wander the historical rivers through the built environment, checking off the miles lost as you go. Lots of heritage and history tidbits will be provided along the way. Looking forward to fun times ahead. Stay tuned! (zc)